Best Free Traffic Sources To Promote Your Leads Capture Pages

On any day that you cannot afford to spend at least $10 on advertising for your capture page, you need to post ads on a minimum of 15 free sites.

Do NOT use you primary email address to join email advertising sites. Create two extra email accounts to use when joining email advertising sites.

Top 20 Places To Post Free Ads

1.  Leads Leap

2.  Herculist

4.  Infinity traffic boost

5.  Pif- Explosion

6.  List Bonus 

7.  MillionLeadsForFree

8. Surf, mail, login ads, banner ads

9.  TrafBoost

10.  Hot Link Cycler

11.  Adsolutionline

12.  Free Advertising For You

13.  IBO Toolbox

14 Cash Juice

15.  Craigslist... Emails a minimum of 20 people looking for work.

16.  Instant Cash Promo Codes

17.  Rotator Traffic - Surf 25

18.  Easy Hits 4 You - Surf 25

19.  Traffic Ad Bar - Surf 25

20Hungry For Hits

21.  Holiday Hits

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